28/01/2008 13:24



Q : Do I need to be young, fit and thin to join ?

A : Definitely not !  We provide fun, gentle and progressive programmes that cater for a range of fitness levels, ages, sizes and abilities including absolute beginners.


Q : I’m not competitive, does that matter ?

A : No, jogscotland is a recreational running organisation.


Q : What if I can’t keep up with the group ?

A : No problem, there will always be a jogleader who will run with you. The jogleaders are there to help and encourage you and will always run at your pace.


Q : Do I need special footwear or clothing ?

A : Not initially if you are an absolute beginner. A supportive well cushioned pair of trainers will do. You should wear something comfortable like a T-shirt or sweatshirt and either shorts or jogging bottoms. Ladies are advised to wear a good supportive bra.


Q : Where and when do the groups meet ?

A : Community Centre, Robert Street, Stonehaven at 6.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, Friday mornings at 9.45am and Saturday mornings at 8.30am. Complete beginners classes are normally on Monday nights at 6.30pm.


Q : How much does it cost ?

A : £15 for a ten week block, payable in advance.


Q : Do I just turn up ?

A : No, please contact Lynette or Gordon by telephone on 01569 760005 to discuss joining.