######## THE NEW ROUTES ARE UP #######   

Can everyone please ensure that you wear a Hi ViZ vest / jacket on run nights if you turn up without a HI VIZ VEST OR JACKET you will not be allowed run that night
Just a reminder to be vigilante when crossing roads LOOK BOTH WAYS please.



If possible please print a copy of the route to take with you as we will be short on the ground for jog leaders at the moment just in case you are not sure of the route.



For the Intermediate runners, please do not feel you are restricted to running the distances put up for the weekly routes.  As long as a leader is willing and available you can run longer if you wish! 


 18th  Feb :        Mon            Route  52

 19th  Feb :        Tues           Route  52

 21st  Feb:         Thurs          Route 12




Monday, Tuesday and Thursday meet at the Community Centre carpark off  Robert Street at 6.30pm


If you are keen to add on weekly mileage or maybe interested in doing longer runs than through the week, there are a number of us who meet  every Saturday morning in and around Stonehaven routes are usually discussed on a Thursday night or on facebook. 

Anyone is Welcome!

Please note that this is a non-led group, therefore safety on the roads etc will be your own responsibility, although everyone looks out for each other. We run anything from 5miles upwards. Great for those planning on taking part in a 10K / Half or Full Marathon!