Sample Training Programmes

Keep your Training Interesting...

Having established a training regime and a goal, runners can often find themselves lacking motivation and it can be hard to keep going. Once out of the house, don’t let your running regime turn stale. Make sure you keep your running varied, fun and progressively challenging by mixing up your training runs.

Running with others is a sure fire way to inject some fun into your training sessions. Not only will the company boost your motivation levels and make you more likely to keep up with the training, but with a jogscotland group, the friendly Jog Leaders will guide you through a progressive programme of different training techniques to help keep boredom at bay.


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The 4 Zone Plan

To help you run more effectively and recover properly after exercising we have put together The 4 Zone Plan. There is no exact point where one zone stops and the next starts and you may find that you experience more than 1 or all of them during hard training or in a race!

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Stretching............. Why Stretch?

Keep your Training Interesting....

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